Voice Categories

Character Voicing

Bring your characters to life with unique voices and personalities. Whether it's for video games, youtube, animation, fan dubs, audio dramas, commercials, game narrations, or basically ANYTHING you need a character voice for . . . professional character voicing adds depth and authenticity to your project.

  • Video Games
  • Indie Projects
  • Fan Dubs
  • Narrations
  • Gaming or Movie
  • Animations
  • Toys
  • Phone Apps
  • Social Media Projects
  • Commercials


Captivate your audience and allow me to promote your brand with engaging and persuasive commercial voice-overs. From TV, Youtube, radio or other advertisements, a compelling voice can leave a lasting impression on your target market.
Local, Regional or National spots.

  • TV
  • Youtube
  • and more...
  • Radio
  • Online Projects

Promos & Trailers

Make your promotional materials and projects stand out with a professional and persuasive voice-over. A confident voice can grab attention and generate excitement for upcoming shows, news events, product launches and more!

  • Upcoming Shows
  • Video Games
  • Business Services
  • Movies
  • Announcements
  • Grand Openings

(exluding audiobooks)

Guide your audience through documentaries, video game narratives, children's stories, trailers, or instructional videos with a clear and engaging narration. A versatile voice can effectively convey information, evoke emotions, and maintain audience interest.

  • Video Games
  • Education
  • Presentations
  • Recapping
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Projects
  • TV & Radio Shows

Addons & Other Services

Script Poofreading

(American English only). I read through your script, verify spelling, and make sure it makes sense grammatically in the American, English language. If needed, I will make the "minor" changes and bring them to your attention if I feel it necessary.
We all get hurried and tend to make mistakes occasionally. I'm sure we both want the best product possible!


Revisions due to an error on my part (mispronuciations, overlooked instruction, etc) are always free! Other revisions such as change of tone, style, accent, or a change in script for example, are subject to a revisions fee. Revisions are negotiable (once) if it only pertains to a few words or perhaps a sentence.

Commercial Rights

Commercial Rights cover general business use in unpaid media. This includes internal videos, company website content, social media feed posts, cartoons, video games, audiobooks, narration for documentaries and educational tutorials, elearning, IVR phone,  etc. Anytime the voice over is being used to indirectly help make money for the client. These are usually licensed via full buyout agreements in perpetuity.

FULL Broadcast Rights

FULL Broadcast Rights allow usage in "paid advertisements" on the internet, radio, and television. On Air broadcasts (broad distribution). If the client pays for advertising using my voice in places like paid FB ads, YouTube ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, any place you pay for ads to broadcast it out to a wider audience. Its being used to "Pay to promote".
If client will be making money directly (Paid channels) by using your VO, that requires Full Broadcast rights.

Split Files

In Voice Over, whan a client requires "file splitting", generally they are requesting a long file be split up into a number of smaller files for various reasons. This service is simply just that. At points of your choosing on the full file, I would split it into smaller ones and send the final files to you that way. There is a small fee for this.

Live Direction

"Live Direction" is a process where a client and a voice actor can collaborate in real-time to record audio while in separate locations. The client can provide direction to the voice actor during the recording session, such as how to read the script, tone, style, and vocal nuances. This can be done by phone call or by using online meeting apps like Zoom or Google Meet. It can also be done thru software such as (Source Connect) that connects the actor's home studio to a professional studio.

Background Music

There are times when a client has interest in adding background music to the voice over. In this case, there are several options. First and foremost I only use Royalty-free music, which we can select from several online sources of such music. You can choose one yourself and send to me, or I can choose something fitting for your project. If you chose one yourself, I need you to provide me with a link to it so i can verify it being royalty-free.  There is a fee for adding music.

Consultation Services

Chat with me "live" via phone, or a video session through Zoom. For new projects I offer a free 15 min. consultation to discuss your needs and concerns.
Afterwards, there is a $25 session fee for each 30 min interval. (Phone or Zoom) Simply contact me via email expressing interest and I will reply shortly with availability options.

How to Reach me:

I generally respond within 24hrs. Can't wait to learn more about your project and have you saying “That went really well! I’m looking forward to working with John again on future projects”.

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